The North Side Association is a group that helps students living in north housing. They focus on building community by planning events for the students and bringing them together. The building of community makes students feel more at home!

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The North Side Association prides itself on hosting a variety of events both on and off campus with programs held in the Village, in the Lofts, and in our community. In the past few months, NSA has gone to Eckert’s Farm, held Cupcakes and Coloring, and Pumpkins and Pastries. Check out photos from the event here.


Want to Co-Program?

The NSA actively looks to co-program with other students groups and organizations. Please keep in mind that each proposal is weighed individually, depending on the NSA budget, the amount of programming already being undertaken, and how well the proposed event meets the needs of North Side residents. Contact us to get started with programing!

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